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Galveston Adoptions

The process of adopting a child involves a number of steps and takes a significant amount of time and planning, and each adoption is different. To guard against potential disputes and ensure that the adoption is achieved in a timely manner, you may need to seek help from an experienced adoption attorney.

From our office in Dickinson, Daniel R. Bacalis, P.C., helps Galveston County clients build and maintain family bonds through adoption. Contact Daniel R. Bacalis today for a free initial consultation.

Different Kinds of Adoptions Handled Smoothly and Efficiently

I am Daniel R. Bacalis, and in more than 30 years of practicing family law, I have helped individuals and families finalize numerous kinds of adoptions, including adoptions involving stepparents, grandparents, siblings, uncles and aunts. I have also advised families in foreign adoptions. To avoid immigration problems, foreign adoptions must be legally formalized in the United States, and I help families navigate that process.

With each kind of adoption mentioned here, there are potential obstacles. I use my knowledge and experience in these matters to ensure that my clients enjoy a smooth transition when adopting a child.

Finalizing Galveston Stepparent Adoptions

The process of adopting a child is not always easy. When it comes to stepparent adoptions, one of the most challenging aspects can be locating the biological parent or getting the biological parent to relinquish parental rights in order to protect the best interests of the child. In some cases, it is necessary to engage a third-party investigator to track down the missing parent. As a family law specialist certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, I have handled these issues for numerous families.

Once the biological parent relinquishes parental rights, the stepparent's adoption petition can be prepared and filed. At Daniel R. Bacalis, P.C., we provide these services, as well as advise clients on any ensuing meetings with a social worker.

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In matters of adoption, we know how much is at stake. Contact our Dickinson office today to learn more about smoothly navigating the adoption process.