How can you protect your interests in a high asset divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2019 | blog

Walking through divorce is a complex and emotionally challenging process, no matter how wealthy a couple is or how valuable their marital assets may be. However, couples facing the prospect of a high asset divorce may face unique challenges when resolving financial matters and settling property division issues. There are specific steps you can take to protect yourself and seek a positive financial future.

High asset divorces often involve complex real estate holdings, valuable savings accounts, business assets and more. For many of these things, it is not always easy to determine who should get what, and you may not even be certain of the value of many marital assets. It is in your interests to know how to protect yourself and seek a final order that is fair and sustainable well into the future.

What can you do?

During divorce, you may feel out of control regarding what will happen to your money and possessions. If your spouse controlled the finances during the marriage or you did not earn an income because you stayed home with the children, it is especially prudent to know about your property rights and how to make smart decisions during divorce. Some of the things you can do to shield your interests include:

  • Locate marital assets – You have a rightful claim to a portion of all marital assets. Whether you are unaware of all assets or you believe your spouse may be hiding some, you can fight for a full financial disclosure and a share of anything bought, earned or accumulated during marriage.
  • Protect your privacy – During a divorce, it may be possible for some financial information and court documents to become publicly accessible. It may be prudent to see if the court will seal certain documents or explore other options for keeping your private information private.
  • Do not walk through it alone – When there are complex marital assets and significant wealth at stake during a divorce, you will find great benefit in working with a lawyer who understands your rights and can help you pursue what is rightfully yours.

Complex property division matters are difficult to navigate, but you do not have to walk through them alone. It is prudent to seek guidance when making important choices that can impact your future. It may be helpful to start with a complete assessment of your case with an experienced Texas family law attorney.