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Contested Divorce

If divorcing spouses disagree on one or more relevant issues (such as child custody, spousal maintenance or property division), the divorce is considered contested. There are a number of ways of finalizing a contested divorce, and I - attorney Daniel R. Bacalis - help clients explore them.

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Guiding Clients Through Contested Divorce and Resolving Divorce-Related Issues

Divorce is different for every couple. It is important for individual spouses to work with an attorney who has the flexibility to meet their unique and complicated needs. I am attorney Daniel Bacalis, and for over 30 years, I have been helping people just like you work through tough divorce-related issues, including:

I use many techniques to try to avoid disagreements in a complex divorce, including divorce mediation and settlement conferences. If these techniques are not successful in settling a divorce, I aggressively represent my client in divorce litigation. My goal in all cases is to provide clients with cost-effective options that meet their unique needs.

Do you and your spouse agree on every divorce-related issue?

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