Fort Worth Stepparent Adoption Lawyer

I am Daniel R. Bacalis, a family law attorney with more than two decades of experience. At my firm, I represent parents in all aspects of stepparent adoptions. I work diligently to resolve all outstanding issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Tarrant County Attorney Achieving Your Adoption Quickly and Efficiently

The stepparent adoption process proceeds in an orderly fashion in most cases. I will manage all aspects of your case in order to achieve your adoption in a timely manner. I will guide you through the adoption process, explaining each step and informing you of your responsibilities.

As your lawyer, I will:

  • Contact the biological parent and obtain his or her consent for the adoption. If you have lost touch with the biological parent, I can engage an investigator to locate him or her to obtain the needed release.
  • Prepare and file the adoption petition
  • Explain what will happen in the required social study, and provide advice regarding how to respond to the social worker’s questions
  • Finalize the adoption and obtain a new birth certificate listing the name of the stepparent as the child’s father or mother

Representing Biological Fathers

I also represent biological fathers who wish to preserve or assert their parental rights. If you are committed to being a good father to your child, my firm can represent you.

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