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How virtual visitation can help if relocation becomes necessary

Posted on in Divorce

For a non-custodial parent, keeping a strong parent/child bond after a divorce is finalized can certainly be challenging. Visitation schedules can be arranged to help with this, but, sometimes, the amount of time granted is limited due to a parent's personal circumstances - such as the need to relocate. Thankfully, parents in Texas have the ability to seek virtual visitation schedules.

What is virtual visitation?

If you are granted virtual visitation as part of your parenting agreement, this means that you will be able to keep in contact with your children by using some form of technology. Depending on your individual circumstances, this may grant you free access to contact your children as often as you want or it may come with limitations as to how and when you are able to reach out to your kids. In either case, it is a great option for those who are unable to have a significant amount of physical visitation time.

What are some examples of virtual visitation?

Thanks to the ever increasing technological presence in homes, there are multiple ways in which parents and children can keep in contact. These might include communicating via:

  • Email
  • Video calling
  • Instant messaging
  • Video mail
  • Social media sites

How can you get a virtual visitation order?

A virtual visitation order is sought in the same way as a standard visitation or custody order - by submitting a request in court. The specific details of the agreement may be figured out between parents either personally, with the help of legal counsel, in mediation, or a family court judge may set them. Regardless, the final order will require court approval.

Virtual visitation is meant to supplement any physical visitation time that is granted to a non-custodial parent. So, while relocating may mean a reduction in the physical face time parents have with their children, virtual visitation can still provide a way for them to keep their relationships strong despite any physical separation. If you feel that this type of visitation would be of benefit in your specific circumstances, Texas law allows you to request that this type of visitation be included in your custody order. Whether seeking an initial order or a modification, an experienced family law attorney will be able to assist you in achieving the custody and visitation plans that best suit your family's needs.

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