Why clear communication is key in marriage and divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | divorce

How many times has your spouse argued that you did not understand his or her feelings or were blatantly ignoring them? Statistics show there are certain key factors regarding communication skills between spouses that often determine whether marriages will last or end in divorce. Especially if poor communication has contributed to divorce in the first place, it’s crucial to understand the importance of clear communication during and after divorce.

Reviewing the contributing factors that led to your filing for divorce may, in fact, help you overcome certain obstacles as you navigate divorce proceedings. While you definitely have rights and it’s important to protect them, it typically helps keep stress levels to a minimum if you are willing to try to see the other person’s point of view as well.

Remember that no two people are exactly the same

When you got married, did you feel as though you and your spouse were two peas in a pod? Perhaps you were exact opposites, banking on the old saying that such personalities attract. Either way, as you likely realized as years wore on in your marriage, just because something bothers or doesn’t bother you does not necessarily mean your spouse feels like the same way.

If you repeatedly tell your spouse that a specific action or behavior hurts your feelings, and you see no attempt on your spouse’s part to acknowledge that or to change the behavior, it’s understandable that, over time, you might feel neglected or unloved. In face, statistics show that most marriages that end in divorce do so because one spouse feels rejected or uncared for.

If you’ve already filed for divorce, keeping these things in mind may help you negotiate a settlement; at least, you can be aware of potential communication problems and seek assistance to overcome any obstacles that arise.

If you and your former spouse had children together in marriage, you will obviously have to interact and communicate with one another on a regular basis as you move forward in your new lifestyles.

Where to turn for help if needed

No matter how many books you read on the topic or personal stories you hear from others who have lived through similar experiences, there’s no guarantee you will never encounter post-divorce problems related to an existing court order. The good thing is you don’t have to go it alone, especially if you know ahead of time that amicable communication is a problem between you and your children’s other parent. Many Texas parents rely on experienced family law attorneys to help them address any post-divorce issues that arise.