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My Spouse Says If I Leave, He Will Hurt Me. What Can I Do? 

 Posted on August 17, 2022 in Divorce

Hurst Orders of Protection LawyerPeople who have never been in an abusive relationship often wonder why a victim of domestic abuse does not simply leave. After all, it is easy to judge when someone does not have access to the full picture of a relationship. An abusive spouse may have times when he is charming or supportive or apologetic and repentant, making it difficult to walk away. Other times, an abusive spouse may keep a partner around through manipulation or threats of violence. 

Whatever the case, leaving an abusive relationship is clearly not easy, or everyone would do it. Nevertheless, doing so is important–especially if you have young children–and moreover, it is possible. There are resources available to victims of domestic violence to help them get divorced safely while protecting their family. A Texas divorce attorney can help you explore your options and create a plan for leaving. 

Resources for Leaving an Abusive Spouse

Texas has a number of resources to make it possible for victims of domestic violence to escape. From residential shelters to counseling services, these services can help women get on their feet and start an independent life away from their abuser. 

Legally speaking, a woman who is afraid her spouse may become violent during divorce may want to get a temporary protective order. This requires a victim to apply and appear before a judge to testify about the abuse. The abuser does not appear until the hearing for a final protective order and is only given notice once the temporary protective order has been put in place. 

If an abuser has already been arrested, the victim can request an order of emergency protection. These orders can last between 31 to 91 days and require an abuser to stay away from a victim and her children under threat of criminal prosecution. While the protective order is in place, a victim of abuse can have time to relocate and begin her life away from her abuser. 

What if I Do Not Have Any Money?

A hallmark of many abusive spouses is financial control of their partner. This may mean not divulging a family’s full income, preventing a spouse from spending money, or refusing a spouse access to the things they need. In Texas, victims of domestic violence and other spouses without an income can apply for temporary spousal support. This is alimony that is only paid while the divorce is ongoing, although it may be converted to a regular spousal maintenance order once the divorce is finalized. While spousal maintenance is never guaranteed, it can be a lifeline for women trying to escape their abusers. 

Get Help From a Tarrant County Divorce Attorney 

At Daniel R. Bacalis, P.C., we believe everyone deserves to have a healthy relationship, free of fear of abuse or violence. To get help ending an unhealthy marriage from a team of discreet, assertive Hurst, TX divorce attorneys, call our office today and schedule a free, confidential consultation. You can contact us at 817-498-4105, by email, or drop by.



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