How Spousal Misbehavior Can Impact The Divorce Outcome

Your spouse may have mistreated you during your marriage. While this may drive you to divorce, “mistreatment” in itself does not necessarily provide any special advantage when it comes to obtaining a divorce settlement or judgment. In some cases, however, certain types of misbehavior by the other spouse can provide one spouse with a significant advantage in divorce. For example, it may enable one spouse to obtain more than 50 percent of community property.

Some types of actionable misbehavior in marriage include:

  • Squandering community assets through gambling or drug use
  • Physical or emotional abuse during marriage
  • Infecting you with an incurable disease such as herpes or HIV
  • Adultery
  • After divorce papers are served, hiding or disposing of community assets without informing the other spouse
  • Intentional theft of separate property, before or after divorce papers are served

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I am Daniel R. Bacalis, a divorce attorney with more than 30 years of experience. I have successfully represented people from all walks of life, and widely varying circumstances. This includes people with actionable grounds for divorce.

Getting Ahead Is Better Than Getting Even

“Using your spouse’s misbehavior to “get even” during the divorce process is self-defeating. You can, however, use it to your advantage, in order to obtain a more satisfactory divorce settlement.”Daniel R. Bacalis

The distinction described above is important. In my view, divorce is about the future, not the past. Though it may provide you with some emotional satisfaction, it makes no sense to rehash in court the old arguments you may have had with your spouse. That will only delay the process and drive up legal costs. Instead, it is much better to negotiate, or if necessary to litigate, to achieve a satisfactory divorce settlement.

When my firm represents you, I will use the factual and legal issues in your case to obtain the best divorce settlement possible — one that enables you to move forward and build a new life for yourself.

I will thoroughly research the facts to establish the legal foundation of your case. If necessary, I can engage a private investigator, accountant or other professionals who can develop evidence of use during negotiation or litigation. I will forcefully assert your rights at all stages of the legal process.

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