Divorce Mediation: A Cooperative Approach To Ending A Marriage

Traditional divorce litigation can be costly, timely and emotionally devastating for all involved. Divorce mediation is an alternative for couples who wish to communicate freely, come to an agreement quickly, and settle their divorce cost-effectively.

Is Divorce Mediation Appropriate for My Divorce?

I am attorney Daniel R. Bacalis, and I represent parties in divorce mediation throughout the Fort Worth, Texas area. Mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), is a great tool that allows parties to work out issues out of court. Mediation is usually a more cost-effective and time-expedient alternative to litigation.

If you are interested in learning more about this process, I invite you to contact my law office. I can help determine if mediation is right for you, and explain its many benefits:

  • Open communication – Mediation encourages individuals to freely communicate and try to work out their problems with assistance from a third-party neutral (mediator).
  • More control – In litigation, the court will finalize the divorce decree. Mediation allows parties to control the final outcome of their divorce.
  • Avoid litigation – Alternative dispute resolution methods are done outside of the courtroom. Each party is represented by an attorney, and the session is led by an independent mediator.

While mediation is not right for every couple, many find that they are able to finalize their divorce more amicably than in divorce court. Our law firm has helped numerous clients work out their issues using this method. We represent individual parties in mediation, and work with mediators who work specifically on family law cases and are familiar with local courts. If this is right for you, we will guide you carefully through the process.

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