Addressing The Unique Challenges Of Military Divorce

In many respects, a military divorce is like one involving civilians. There are child custody and visitation arrangements to be resolved, community property to be divided, and issues involving child support and spousal maintenance to be resolved. In some respects however, a military divorce is very different from a civilian divorce.

If you are a service member or the spouse of a service member, you should obtain the advice of a lawyer with experience in military divorces.

Representing Service Members and Their Spouses

I am Daniel R. Bacalis, a Texas divorce lawyer with almost 40 years of experience, including military divorces. I understand the unique issues facing military couples, and I will use my abilities to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Your Rights Under the Law

The Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Civil Relief Act (SSCRA), originally enacted in 1940 and revised in 2003, provides special protections for service members. For example, a service member who is deployed overseas is not subject to civil actions such as divorce proceedings, child support enforcement actions, automobile repossessions and other civil actions. The service member can, however, voluntarily proceed with a divorce or comply with a civil judgment, if he or she chooses to do so.

My firm can represent you in a divorce or other family law matter if you are deployed overseas or at a military base in Texas or another state. I will provide proactive representation designed to protect your rights and achieve your goals.

Child Custody and Visitation

Whenever you are away from them, your children weigh heavily on your mind. The law enables a service member to designate another person or persons (such as your grandparents) who can exercise your custody and visitation rights on your behalf. This can provide a way to keep your children “in your life” until your return.

Don’t Overlook Military Pension And Benefits In Divorce

There is one aspect of a military divorce that is significantly different than a civilian divorce. A spouse of a service member is entitled to a share of the military pension. I understand the law regarding the division of military pensions, and whether you are a service member or the spouse, I will work diligently to protect your rights.

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