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Have you moved to Texas, even though you are abiding by a divorce settlement out of state? Is your new residency affecting your child support of custody plan? If you want to talk to a lawyer who understands Texas state family law, I can help. I am Fort Worth attorney Daniel R. Bacalis, P.C., and I can answer your questions about how Texas law will affect your out-of-state divorce settlement.

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Every state has different laws governing the rights of families. As a Texas state bar Board Certified family law attorney, I understand the state laws of Texas governing divorce proceedings. If your divorce settlement occurred in another state, I can help you deal with all aspects of interstate child custody and relocation. I also help families who want to leave Texas, after a divorce settlement.

Dealing with Your Previous State of Residence

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (UCCJA) regulates the interplay between state rules governing child support, custody and visitation. If you are moving to Texas, you will have to file a foreign judgment for child support and visitation rights. If you do not file this judgment, the judge in the first state will continue to make findings, and you will continue to have to abide by his rulings. I can help you make the right changes to fit your new situation, and make sure the courts confer with one another, so you are subject to one ruling.

Understanding Texas State Law

Your divorce settlement was based on your residency within a particular state. Moving out of state does not change the laws to which you must abide. When you move, you have to take legal action to make sure your change in situation affects your previous plan. I will help you understand how Texas state family law affects you, and explain your options to you in language you can understand.

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Having lived in North Texas, I wholeheartedly support a move to this fine area of the country. With nearly four decades of legal family law experience in Texas, I can help you understand how your move will affect your child custody and support plan. Contact me at my Galveston or Hurst, Texas, law offices today for a free initial consultation. Please call 817-576-1023.