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Is your child support plan not working? If you are supposed to be receiving payment, an experienced child support lawyer can help you with support collection. If you’re a paying parent who is unable to meet the monthly demands of your plan, it might be time for a new plan. I am attorney Daniel R. Bacalis, P.C., and I can help you resolve your child support payment dispute with appropriate order enforcement. I represent clients in Hurst, Fort Worth, Tarrant County and throughout North Texas.

When the paying party is not making timely maintenance payments, there are a number of reasons why things might not be working as planned. As a Board Certified family law attorney, I have been helping families throughout North Texas for almost 40 years. I have handled many cases, and I can help you come up with a solution that benefits your children. It may be a simple matter of order enforcement and support collection. It might be time to come up with a new plan. I work with both sides to make sure your children are taken care of.

Child Support Repayment Plans

If you are not paying child or spousal support, the government is going to collect what you have not paid. You cannot avoid your previous payments or what is owed, but you can come up with a repayment plan for how you are going to pay back the support and alimony you owe. I will help you present this plan to the court. After it is approved, you have six months to show that you are making progress, otherwise you will be held to the original order. You cannot dodge order enforcement, but you can make it work for you.

Child Support Modifications

If you are unable to meet the monthly demands of your child support plan, it may be time to seek a child support modification. Circumstances change, and if there has been a major change in the financial situation of you or your co-parent, I can help you obtain the appropriate support modification, so you are making payments you can afford.

Child Support Enforcement Concerns? Contact Me For A Free Consultation.

Order enforcement and child support collection is done to help your children. I make sure my clients never lose sight of this crucial piece of information. If you want to make your child support payment plan work, contact me at my Hurst, Texas, law office today for a free initial consultation. Please call 817-576-1023.