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How Will Daycare Be Covered After The Divorce?

Posted on in Divorce

Divorce automatically delivers a new life full of changes and unknown variables that need to be worked out. For many parents, they must entirely rethink the way they parent and how they will care for their children.

One major variable here is the cost of childcare - particularly if one parent must now return to work. Daycare is expensive. It is a lot for one person to bankroll on their own. Many people assume that child support payments factor in this expense and will cover it.

The standardized formula for determining child support, however, does not factor in the cost of daycare, generally. In some cases, the court will address the expense in its divorce decree, mandating that both parents pay a certain percentage of the bill.

If the court does not directly provide instructions here, however, it is important that you and your spouse determine exactly how child care will be covered between the two of you following the divorce.

Child support payments do not cover various other expenses, including extracurricular activities and certain medical expenses. You need to have conversations before the divorce is finalized regarding exactly how these expenses will be divided between the two of you. If your spouse seems unwilling to share in these costs, your attorney should be prepared to advocate on your behalf to have directions for these expenses included in the final divorce decree.

Attorney Daniel R. Bacalis is committed to helping parents come to an agreement on how to best financially provide for the children and ensure that their needs are met by getting clear directions from the court before the divorce is finalized.

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