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How Do I Know Whether A Divorce Attorney is Good?

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Tarrant County Divorce LawyerSo you have decided to get a Texas divorce - but what comes next? How do you find the right information, negotiate a fair divorce decree, and make sure all your forms are submitted to the right place without any mistakes? Fortunately, you do not have to do all this work alone - divorce attorneys can make the process much easier. But finding and choosing a great divorce attorney can sometimes feel like yet another chore. Here are a few things to look for in your divorce attorney before signing a representation agreement. 

Problem-Solving Mindset

Some divorce attorneys will tell you right away that certain things cannot be done. Instead, go with a divorce attorney who is willing to tackle issues from many angles and pursue unconventional approaches to get results. An attorney should consider possible solutions while taking your preferences seriously. At the same time, a great attorney will be honest and let you know what is or is not legal or practical. 


While you may not intend to go to court, your divorce may take you in surprising directions. A good divorce attorney is flexible and willing to demonstrate competence in a range of approaches, from mediation to litigation. Thinking fast and responding to challenging surprises will serve your cause well as you navigate potentially tricky issues like child custody and asset division. 


While you may be able to save some money with a new and inexperienced attorney, nothing beats the knowledge, skill, and personal connections of an attorney with many years of experience. While there is no perfect timeline to gain useful experience and perspective, a great attorney should be continually educating him or herself about new approaches and changes to the law while also relying on hands-on experience with known entities like county courts and judges.


Your attorney should be responsive. This does not mean that you will always get an answer right away, but if you have to constantly chase your attorney just to get a callback, you need better representation. Great divorce attorneys are reliable and communicative, answering your questions and making sure you understand what comes next. 

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