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Divorce Tips for Domestic Violence Survivors

 Posted on June 21, 2023 in Divorce

Hurst, TX Protection Order AttorneyNo one should ever have to face domestic violence. There is never an excuse for assaulting one’s spouse. If you have experienced domestic violence in your marriage, divorce may be your best option. Violently abusive spouses rarely stop their behavior on their own. You will most likely need to exit the relationship in order to be safe from further violence. When you are divorcing an abusive spouse, there are some special considerations. Taking care of your emotional and physical needs is very important during this time. Meeting your legal needs and protecting your rights will likely take the skill of an attorney. Daniel R. Bacalis, P.C. is experienced in helping domestic violence survivors get divorced and takes special care to see that survivors are treated fairly throughout the process. 

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5 Issues That May Need to Be Addressed in a High Net Worth Divorce

 Posted on June 09, 2023 in Divorce

Hurst, TX High Asset Divorce AttorneyRegardless of a family's circumstances, divorce can be a challenging and emotionally taxing experience for all parties involved. A high net worth divorce, however, brings an additional layer of complexity. Multiple financial issues may need to be addressed, and there are a variety of other concerns that are unique to couples who earn high levels of income or own complex assets. Many of these issues may involve strong emotions, and they can trigger contentious legal battles as spouses seek to protect their financial interests and address other divorce-related concerns. With the help of an experienced attorney, spouses who earn high incomes or own valuable assets can make sure they take the correct approach during the divorce process.

Unique Factors in High Asset Divorce Cases

During a high net worth divorce, couples may need to address issues such as:

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When Can Parental Rights Be Terminated in Texas Family Law Cases?

 Posted on May 24, 2023 in Child custody

Hurst, TX Child Adoption LawyerParental rights are a fundamental aspect of family law. A person who is legally recognized as a child's parent will have the right to have an ongoing relationship with the child, and they will also have the obligation to provide support and ensure that the child's needs are being met. However, in certain circumstances, parental rights can be terminated. This will usually be an issue that will be addressed in adoption cases, since before a child can be adopted by another party, the parental rights of one or both of their biological parents must be terminated.

The termination of parental rights may also be an issue in cases involving Child Protective Services (CPS). If CPS decides to remove a child from a parent's custody because of issues such as domestic violence or substance abuse, it may take action to terminate a parent's rights, place the child in foster care, and arrange for the adoption of a child by foster parents or other parties. Because issues related to the termination of parental rights can be complex, it is important for parents and other involved parties to understand when a parent's rights can be terminated and the procedures that will be followed in these cases.

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Issues That Can Affect Spousal Support in a Texas Divorce

 Posted on May 10, 2023 in Divorce

Tarrant County, TX Divorce AttorneyDivorce can be a daunting process, since there are numerous legal and financial concerns that a couple will need to address before they can end their marriage. In some cases, one spouse may believe that they are at a financial disadvantage because they rely on the other spouse to earn the majority of the family's income or because there are factors that prevent them from maintaining employment and fully supporting themselves. Depending on the situation, spousal support may be appropriate. This form of support will require one spouse to make ongoing payments to the other to ensure that they will be able to meet their ongoing needs. By understanding the factors that may be considered by a family court judge when addressing issues related to spousal support, divorcing spouses can advocate for solutions that will protect their financial interests.

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How Is Child Support Calculated in Texas Divorce and Family Law Cases?

 Posted on April 25, 2023 in Divorce

Hurst, TX Child Support LawyerParents who decide to get a divorce will need to address a variety of issues related to their children, and these concerns can also affect unmarried parents who break up or are not in a relationship with each other. In addition to child custody, which will determine how parents will make decisions about how their children will be raised and when children will live with each parent, child support will be another important factor to address. Child support orders will ensure that both parents are contributing financially to their children's needs. In most cases, the "obligor," or the parent who pays child support, will be the non-custodial parent, and they will make ongoing payments to the "obligee." To ensure that issues related to child support will be handled correctly, it is crucial to understand how the amount of child support payments will be calculated according to Texas law.

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Do I Need to Perform a Business Valuation During My Divorce?

 Posted on April 14, 2023 in Divorce

Hurst, TX Property Division Divorce LawyerDivorce can be an overwhelming experience for anyone, but it can be even more complicated for business owners. A family business may have taken years to build and develop, and a person who has put so much time and energy into their business efforts will most likely want to avoid any issues that could affect their ownership of the company. At the same time, a business is likely to be a valuable asset, and both spouses will want to make sure it is considered properly during the property division process.

To ensure that all marital assets can be divided correctly, it will usually be necessary to perform a business valuation. By taking steps to determine the market value of the business, spouses can place a monetary figure on business assets, giving them a better understanding of the total value of their marital estate. They can also determine whether there are any liabilities that will affect either party and whether a probable increase in value of the business in the future will benefit the person who will own the business. Ultimately, the information gained in a business valuation will inform the final decisions made about the division of all marital property.

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Can Child Support Be Modified After a Texas Divorce?

 Posted on March 17, 2023 in Child custody

Hurst, TX Child Support LawyersDuring a divorce in which a couple has children, the court will decide on an amount of child support that one parent will pay to the other. This amount is meant to ensure that both parents are contributing to the children's needs, and it is based on the income earned by the parent paying support, as well as other factors. Courts make determinations based on what is in the best interests of the child, although a judge will also consider the parents' circumstances, as well as issues like the costs of transporting children between the parents' homes and expenses related to child care while a parent is working.

While child support orders are meant to stay in place until children reach adulthood, life does not always stay static, and it is possible that the circumstances of one or both parents may change significantly after the initial ruling. Because of this, parents may wonder if they can modify child support payments after their divorce has been finalized. Fortunately, the laws in Texas provide for the ability to modify child support payments if certain conditions are met.

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Is the Right of First Refusal Included in Texas Child Custody Orders?

 Posted on March 10, 2023 in Child custody

Tarrant County TX, Right of First Refusal Child CustodAddressing issues related to child custody is often one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce. Parents whose relationship has broken down are likely to disagree about various child-related issues, and reaching agreements on matters such as who will be responsible for making decisions for children and where children will live may not be easy. One issue that may need to be addressed in a child custody case is the right of first refusal. This may ensure that both parents will be able to spend sufficient time with children, but the parents may disagree about the terms that should be included in their child custody order. By understanding the options in these situations and the laws that may apply, parents can determine how to address the right of first refusal during divorce negotiations.

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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Divorce Mediation?

 Posted on February 22, 2023 in Divorce

Hurst, TX Divorce and Family Law AttorneyDivorce can be one of the most difficult and stressful experiences you can go through. As you work to negotiate a settlement that will meet your needs, address the many ways your life is changing, and take steps to ensure that you will be treated fairly, the process of divorce can be emotionally draining. Fortunately, there are alternatives to traditional litigation in court, and divorce mediation is often the most beneficial option for everyone involved. By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of mediation, you can decide if this method is right for you.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

As you consider whether to use mediation, it is important to understand exactly what it entails. Divorce mediation is a voluntary process in which two divorcing spouses attempt to settle their differences with the help of a mediator. The mediator is an impartial third party who facilitates communication between the spouses and helps them work together to reach an agreement on all issues related to their divorce, such as child custody, division of assets and debts, spousal maintenance, etc. It is important to note that the mediator does not make decisions or provide legal advice; instead, they act as a facilitator by helping each spouse understand the other’s point of view while guiding the couple towards agreements they can both be satisfied with.

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Can a Stay-at-Home Parent Receive Alimony in a Texas Divorce?

 Posted on February 07, 2023 in Divorce

Hurst, TX Lawyer Handling Alimony CasesStay-at-home parents play an important role in raising children and managing a household. However, a parent who has not worked outside the home for an extended period of time or who has foregone career opportunities in order to focus on household responsibilities may be concerned about what will happen in the event of divorce. In these cases, a parent may worry that they will be unable to continue staying at home to provide care for their children, and if they choose to return to work, they may be uncertain about their career prospects and their ability to meet their ongoing needs. Depending on the circumstances of a particular case, a stay-at-home parent may be eligible to receive spousal maintenance (commonly known as alimony).

Types of Alimony in Texas

In Texas, there are two types of alimony that may be available to stay-at-home parents: temporary and permanent spousal maintenance. Temporary maintenance is usually awarded when one spouse needs financial assistance while they wait for the divorce proceedings to be finalized. This type of maintenance typically lasts until the divorce is complete and ceases once it has been finalized. Permanent maintenance will provide long-term financial assistance after the divorce has been finalized.

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